Globe Patient Solution

A complete solution to improve medical care in your Health Institution

The Globe Patient tool allows physicians to develop a more personal relationship with their patients. Pre-consultation questionnaires collect basic information about the appointment reason and medical history, which are documented and complemented during the appointment. The patient is empowered to manage his own health, actively participating in the consultation and increasing the accuracy of the diagnosis.

Doctor and patient need time to talk, so that the doctor can clarify doubts and provide guidance, motivating the patient to engage in the treatment.

The system becomes even more important when different languages are involved, as the same information can be displayed in different languages, and guidance on prescriptions and exam preparation can be provided in the different languages available on the platform.

Remote Emergency Care

Data can start to be collected even before the patient arrives in the medical unit:

1) Makes it possible for your Health Insitution to offer a pre-anamnesis by video conference in the native language of the patient who is in a foreign country, and subsequently generate the report in a language that can be understood by the local health service.

2) The patient arrives at the local establishment with a structured “pre-anamneses”, and the nurse can quickly refer the patient to care, performing the physical examination and ordering the necessary exams.

3) The foreign doctor can check the considerations made in the anamnesis and make a subsequent assessment, even if having difficulties to communicate with the patient.

Remote + Local Emergency Care

Our tool allows the doctor abroad to interact with the patient’s doctor, diagnosing and prescribing treatment together.

1) Continue the treatment and clarify any doubts that the patient may have after receiving health treatment abroad.
2) Mobility – possibility of undergoing treatments such as hemodialysis, radiotherapy, etc. in different geographic locations.
3 ) The tool allows the patient’s physician and emergency care to share data and discuss alternatives together in the event of an emergency.

Reports in different languages

Print and export data in different languages

Allows the patient to present health information in a structured way:

1) Decreases the risk of inappropriate treatment
2) Provides more data to increase precision in the diagnose
3) Clear instructions on how to take the prescriptions
4) Possibility to provide clear instructions on how to prepare for exams
5) Empowers the patient to be able to share Information provided by different professionals

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