Health beyond borders to world citizens

GlobePerson's services take healthcare beyond borders, with tools which allow healthcare to be more efficient and precise, and multi-language solutions for international travelers.

What is your profile?

World traveller

Take your health information wherever you go, decide with whom, when and where to share it. Having your medical history available to share with your healthcare provider in an emergency increases your chances of receiving more efficient and accurate care, specially when there are different languages involved.

Medical Clinics / Health Institutions

Use the time the patient is waiting for care to collect data in a structured way, documenting the information provided by the patient. Expand the possibilities of working with international patients through our multi-language solution.

Travel agencies, insurance companies

Complementing the travel insurance with the medical history releases the stress of traveling, since in the event of an incident the person will provide the necessary information to receive a faster and more precise diagnose, speeding up recovery.

Globe Person

Solutions to optimize medical care and reduce language barriers

GlobePerson’s mission is to improve communication between world travellers and medical institutions. We empower people to have their own medical history always at hand. Our GlobePatient tool enables clinics and healthcare companies to use this information quickly and effectively.

Validated by Copenhagen Health Tech Hub as a possible screening and triage tool for the coronavirus.

“We strongly believe that the patient is the owner of his own health information and shall have it available whenever and wherever needed.”

Heloisa Oderich

CEO / Founder Globe Person

How does it work?

Understand step by step how our solutions work

Evaluation with a certified health partner

You will receive a link to the evaluation videoconference. During the appointment, the system screen will be shared and together you will provide the necessary information to fill in the report. Physician prescriptions will be entered according to the scanned data provided.

GlobePerson reports

You will receive the evaluation report in pdf, requesting your digital signature. The information collected is presented in two languages in a clear and structured way. When you confirm that the data is correct and digitally sign the report, the health provider will also digitally sign the document, and after that both parties receive a copy of the certified document.

We take privacy very seriously

Once the process is finished, the patient can request the information to be erased on our database. In that way, patients can feel confident that their data will not be shared. After all, the patient is the owner of the information and therefore shall decide to whom, when and where to share it.


Why choose us?

We are the first company in the world to provide an EHR/EMR multilanguage software (Eletronic Health/Medical Record) where doctor and patient can read and update data in different languages.

EHR / EMR multilanguage
Works even when there is no internet available
International team
Member of Scandinavian Innovation Hubs

Do you want to innovate with us?

Health and well-being are in the goals on the UN’s list of Sustainable Development. Technologies that empower and improve people’s quality of life are fertile ground for creative solutions. If you want to co-create healthcare innovations, contact us

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