World traveller

Take your health information wherever you go

Having your medical history available to share with your healthcare provider in an emergency increases your chances of receiving more efficient and accurate care, specially when there are different languages involved.

Decide with whom, when and where to share your health information.
How does it work?

Understand step by step how our solutions work

Evaluation with a certified doctor

The doctor shares the system screen and together they prepared the report with the necessary information. Prescriptions and exam results will be entered according to the scanned data provided by the patient.

GlobePerson reports

You will receive your evaluation report in pdf, requesting your digital signature. The information collected is presented in two languages in a clear and organized way. When you confirm that the data is correct and digitally sign the report, the doctor will also digitally sign the document, and after that both parties receive a copy of the certified document.

We take your privacy very seriously

Once the process is finished, we delete the information from our database. In that way, you can feel secure that your information will not be shared. You are the owner of the information and therefore the one who decides who, when and where to share it.

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