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Guest: Valesca Anschau, PhD

Passion for GlobeScience

Valesca Anschau grew up in a small town in Brazil, and after completing her schooling, entered USP to continue her studies. She now is a post-doc and works on research of new medications in the USA.
She is highly skilled in what she does, and mentions with a tight heart how much she misses her family and friends in Brazil, but her passion for science and her appreciation for the environment in which she works is even greater, so she swallows her “saudade” and moves forward.
In these “pandemic” times, we need world competence to find solutions, and we are highly grateful for such heroes that work so hard to find a solution for the benefit of all mankind.

Guests: LiÉge Gautério & DR.Bernardo Mastella

Beyond Life Boundaries with Organ Transplantation

We know the importance of organ donation, but when listening to a woman who tells us about her life with only one lung, which she received on a transplant 10 years ago.

Liége Gautério was the first athlete to represent Brazil in the World Transplant Championship, and is a world medalist in the 100m TX. In this interview, she emphasizes the importance of sport in her life, especially for people on the transplant waiting list: adequate physical preparation, food, sleep, will reduce the possibility of organ rejection.

Dr.Bernardo Mastella also participates in this interview, who worked actively at the Hospital de Clinicas de Porto Alegre, providing countless patients with new transplantations.

Guest: Renato Ramos

From Montes Claros to the NHS in Great Britain

The journey of going beyond borders from Renato Ramos started when he went to UK in 2013 in an exchange program. He liked the experience and decided to go back once graduated in Medicine. Without much knowledge on how to validate his diploma there, he went to try his luck. It was a bumpy road but he succeeded, and now shares his experience to help others who have the same dreams

Guest: mariana vetturazzi de souza

Making the dream happen in French

Mariana studied medicine at the University of Caxias do Sul, and did an internship at Hospital Pompéia and Hospital Geral in Caxias. Wanting to expand her knowledge, she went to France, where she did an internship at Hôpital Croix-Rousse and at Hôpital Louis Pradel in Lyon. She liked Lyon so much that she decided to stay. To be a doctor in France, it is very difficult to validate the Brazilian diploma, as in many European countries. She then decided to start from scratch, learn French in college, then enrol in medical school and make her dream happen.

In Brazil, she witnessed moments when Haitians found it difficult to receive medical care because they did not speak Portuguese fluently, and, instead of being silent, she created booklets in French and sought to draw politicians’ attention to the subject.

Guest: Mario Juruena

Beyond mental health limitations

Mario Juruena is is currently Senior Clinical Lecturer in Translational Psychiatry at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, at King’s College London; and Adjunct Associate Professor at Medical School, Texas University in Houston, USA

He is also a Consultant Psychiatrist at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM), specialist in adult psychiatry and Affective Disorders in the UK, working mainly with stress and affective disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar and stress. He is currently the lead consultant for the Maudsley Advanced Treatment Service for Recurrent and Resistant Depression and Bipolar, at SLaM.

He has published over 100 original research articles, five books and several chapters. He received several awards including Best Young Psychiatrist from the Brazilian Psychiatry Association, “Senior Clinical Psychopharmacology Award”, from the British Association for Psychopharmacology and the “Robert W. Kerwin Prize” from the Royal College of Psychiatrists for the best article published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, and more recently, the Newton Fellow from Royal Society and Academy of Medical Sciences. 

Guest: Thais Russomano

Beyond planet Earth borders

Growing up, Thais Russomano always dreamed to become an astronaut and live in the space. Many kids of young age have similar dreams, which eventually vanish as they grow up, but they did not for Thais.
She graduated as an internal medicine doctor in Pelotas, Brazil, then continued her career with a Master degree in Aerospace Medicine and even a PhD in Space Physiology, fields that she has been working and teaching for 30 years, and belongs to countless entities around the world.

After NASA´s successful landing in Mars we bet you will love to watch this interview. Her company, InnovaSpace, has an amazing project called Kids2Space which aims to start preparing the future professionals that one day will work side-by-side to make the life beyond planet Earth a reality.


Commenting on swimming around the world (USA / Brazil)

Competent and with gigantic charisma, Coach Alex retired as a commentator for Globo/SporTV after more than a decade in which he covered three Olympics, three Pan American Games and nine World Championships.

He started his career in Porto Alegre, moved to Recife, then to Florida as a trainer at the famous Jack Nelson clinic.

In 2008 he covered his first Olympics in Beijing. Commenting on swimming on television is not an easy task given the volume of events in a short period of time, which require extreme concentration (hundreds of swimmers, mental calculations of splits in very quick races, paying attention to the most diverse types of records and rankings, etc.). Known as a kind of oracle of Brazilian swimming, Coach Alex created a new level of quality, providing accurate information, backstage stories, curiosities, statistics, all in the right measure.

Guest: AFS

Developing Active Global Citizens

Around the world we are more alike than we think: everyone wants to belong to a community, have basic needs such as water, food and sanitation covered, have a good education, have a job, provide a comfortable home to our families, see our kids succeeding. So why there are so many wars? That is the exact belief of AFS Intercultural Program, a global non-profit organisation that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world. They empower young people from all backgrounds with essential global skills—and the passion for making a difference. In this interview we have Ana Paula Castro, AFS Operations Manager, and Patricia Mc Gahan, American exchange student to Brasil in 1976, hosted by the family of Heloisa Oderich. After many years with no contact they’ve found each other via internet and have been actively communicating.

Get to know their history at

Guest: Keshari Rout

Managing Global IT projects

When we turn on our computers and connect to the internet we expect everything to work perfectly: fast, reliable, safe and even using applications free of charge we expect high quality.

Behind the scenes things are much more complicated than what we think. There is a lot of planning, developing, coding, testing, improving, an infinite loop of making it better, safer and updated aiming to fullfill the expectations of the user.

The IT world is one of the most demanding fields since every day new solutions come up, things learned a decade ago feel like stone age. Some love it, some hate it, but what we can’t do anymore, specially after this crisis, is to ignore technology.

Managing Global IT projects, with Global IT team, is the specialization of Sangram Keshari Rout.

Guest: Mikael Thelin

A viking living in India and Japan

Sweden has 10 million inhabitants, Japan 126.5 and India 1.3 billion inhabitants. Sweden uses the roman alphabet, India and Japan have their own symbols, in India there are over 19.500 mother tongues. Culturewise, the power of women is significantly different,  as well as food, dress code, transportation, climate, social rules – to be a GlobePerson one needs to really navigate between cultures, specially when living in its country. After all, “There is not a second chance to make a first good impression”.

Mikael Thelin will talk about his experience in a global company, managing a team first remotely and later even living in India and Japan, leading international projects where diversity really increases the quality of the final delivery.   

In culture, there is no right or wrong, no better or worse, just different codes of conduct that every society chooses to adopt.

Guest: Sirikun Loetsakwiman

From Thailand to Sweden

When one thinks about Thailand, the first images that come to mind are beautiful beaches, delicious food and massages at the beach, but there are a lot of brilliant minds there as well.

Sirikun is the only daughter of a successful entrepreneur who, instead of enjoying the profits of his hard work, decided to come to Sweden, dreaming to create her own business.

Last year she had a project among selected for the first round of Chalmers Ventures and it did not go forward, but that did not turn her down. In fact this year another project in which she has been involved has just been awarded the Göteborg Energi Sustainability Scholarship, working to develop new and better materials for smarter energy storage solutions.


Latinos beyond America

Latinos are known for their easy laugh, sociability, colorful clothes and the “million words” to tell any story, while Swedes in general are the opposite. They don’t really want to stand out of the crowd by wearing bright colours in winter time, like very much their privacy and are economic with words.  Being invited for a fika, a pause for having coffee together, doesn’t mean that the conversation will flow all the time, something unimaginable for a latino, who has “silence panic”. One might say that it would be impossible to adapt, and yet they love their new country and long to be back when they are away.

You will hear the stories about these 3 brilliant latinos with successful business careers, and their steps from their homeland to this beautiful country of the lagom culture. 


2021 SNIPE WOMENS WORLD São Paulo, Brasil, 5-9 Oct, 2021

The Snipe Class is proud to present the 2021 Snipe Women’s World Championship Regatta, hosted by Yacht Club Paulista in São Paulo, Brazil on 5-9 Oct, 2021 If you are a woman and love to sail, this will be an event that can’t be missed. The organisation is going above and beyond, finding boats among Brazilian sailors to lend to international competitors, places to stay and even Snipe Brazilian ladies willing to team up. So, all you really need to do is jump on a plane and be there. It is one of the top events of the year !!! Check the websites

Guest: Linai Vaz

Dream big and "Just do it"

Linai Vaz was an accomplished speed swimmer from Porto Alegre who never feared the hard work to overcome obstacles and achieve her dreams. After winning every race she participated in swimming, as an example of her determination, she went for a new challenge: swim the English Channel. To prove she would be able to do it, she swam for 10 hours nonstop in a small 20 meters swimming pool. 
She later decided to devote her energy to a new sport – synchronized swimming – and was one of the pioneers in the sport in Brazil, where she coached a small team.. After the graduation, she went for a Master’s and Doctorate Degree at The Ohio State University, which eventually brought her to be the assistant coach of the synchronized swimming team. 
That experience led her to lead the US Olympic Team as the National Team Director and led the efforts to 3 bronze medals at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.
She has been now working for Nike for 14 years, and has proven to be a great team builder, expert team coach, and motivating leader, reaching higher leader positions along her path. Her current role is Global Director for Textiles and Print in Global Apparel.

Guest: Michelle Lenhardt

Tokyo here we go

Michelle Lenhardt has “HARD” even in her name, and indeed she is a person who is not afraid to work hard to achieve the goals she sets her mind into. Her success in overcoming challenges is impressive and that is why we are once again excited with her new accomplishment: she is the first woman ever to come to the Olympics first as athlete and now as coach. It is family work: she coaches her husband, Bruno Fratus, and together they make one of the most beautiful and harmonic couple of athletes, but do not ever think she softens during training sessions: “No pain, no gain” is the motto of every athlete that is willing to have amazing results, such as he has been having. Hold tight to the Brazilian flag when he will be swimming in Tokyo, he is going for the gold medal, and judging by Michelle’s career this couple most like once again will strike out.

Guest: Samory Uiki

A really long jump to a life beyond borders

Samory Uiki was 8 years old when he first started in a social project to do track and field at Sogipa. Spotting his talent, Martina Lindemayer, coach of SOGIPA, one of the most traditional athletic clubs in Brazil, saw a great potential in him. Her action proved to be right: among his achievements there are 4 National championships titles in youth and junior ages, 2 South American championships titles in junior and under 23 ages and he even figured in 3rd place in the world ranking of under 18 years in long jump.
His successful story reminds us of “João do Pulo” Brazilian hero in long jump and triple jump. Sport opened doors to invitations of 8 universities in USA, Samory chose Kent State University, and graduated in International Relations. Fluent in 3 languages, Portuguese, English, Spanish and learning his 4th – German, he remembers the tough beginning in a foreign country away from family and friends, but the grit built as an athlete made him overcome the challenges, be the inspiration to others like him, eager to follow his steps and is living proof that sports can change lives.

Guest: Beatriz Dockhorn

From the backyard to the
5 continents

Having been an athlete since childhood, Beatriz Dockhorn grew up following a strict discipline of continuous improvement, hard schedules and goals to achieve and improve results. It was an excellent preparation for her professional life. Her company, Bia Brazil, started in the backyard of her home, now exports to 61 countries, including Lebanon, Finland and Mexico, and recently opened its own store in Fort Lauderdale, USA. Always focused on being one of the best products in the segment, seeking high quality, innovation and sustainability, it is really a Brazilian that fills our country with pride.

Alexandre Pussieldi, our international journalist, conducts this interview. Both were Grêmio Náutico União athletes at the same time and became GlobePersons. Showing that “Globe” is small, I saw BiaBrazil’s adhesive car driving through the streets of Fort Lauderdale, USA, where he has lived for many years, and he was thrilled to see a successful Brazilian, not knowing that Bia was his childhood friend.

Guest: Heloisa Garcia

Globe Mother

Says the song “If you love them set them free”, and we sing the chorus without thinking too much about the enormous love it implies in letting the people we love the most pursue their dreams away from home.

Heloisa Garcia is one of those mothers, who gave up her professional career in order to be close to her only child, Carolina, as she grew up. Imagine when she decided to go to high school in the United States. In this month of mothers it is beautiful to hear this exceptional mother who has always been and will always be close to her daughter, even though physical distance separates them..

Guest: guilherme costa

Commenting the GlobeSports

Guilherme Costa is a sports commentator for Rede Globo, and perhaps the journalist in Brazil with the broadest knowledge of the international sporting world, which allows him to comment on all the sports in the Tokyo Olympics.

A guaranteed figure in the select group of journalists chosen to cover this international event (our GlobePerson journalist Alexandre Pussieldi has been chosen as well), he tells us a little of his history in the sports world, which started at the age of 10 at the 1999 Pan, went through memorable situations such as having predicted the world winners of 130 of Rio 2016’s 306 gold medals (only 1 medal surpassed by Sports Illustrated), and is preparing to once again shine on the screen with its vibrant narrations.

Guest: Clodoaldo Silva

Disability sets limits, but does not define us as unable

Clodoaldo Silva, also known as Paralímpic Shark, is one of the main names in the Paralympic sport in Brazil. He is among the biggest medalists in adapted sports in the country. In five editions of the Paralympic Games he conquered the impressive mark of 14 medals (6 golds, 6 silvers and 2 bronzes).
Clodoaldo was the athlete chosen to lead and light the Paralympic Pyre at the opening of the Rio Games in 2016. In addition to standing out in the pools, the Paralympic champion is a speaker, businessman, commentator on Paralympic sports, a dedicated father and active in the area of inclusion of people with disabilities.
In this brief interview, he tells us in an extroverted way his story of resilience, determination, overcoming, reinvention, success, inclusion and joy.

Guest: daniel dias

Life beyond prejudice borders

Daniel Dias, Brazilian, received the Laureus World Sports Award for Sportsperson of the Year three times, awarded annually to the most outstanding athletes. He has already received 38 medals at world championships, and you will certainly see him winning a few more in Tokyo, at the Paralympic Games.

In his words “I am not a disabled athlete – I am a Paralympic athlete”, a baby born without his feet and hands, and who says that this is his physical characteristic, not something that defines him.

Your perception of the world, of challenges, of dreaming and making it happen, will never be the same after listening to this interview. I guarantee.

Guest: Guillermo sanchis

Paralympic movement

You who have an image of the disabled as a ‘poor thing’, it’s time to break your paradigm: Paralympic athletes have a lot to teach us who consider ourselves ‘normal’. They are not kidding, they want to win medals, break records and stand out, and see their dreams come true. They make up for their achievements with a lot of hard work, discipline and dedication. How to categorize them so that they are in a similar condition of disabilities to compete?

This is the specialty of Guilhermo Sanchis, who evaluates candidates for Paralympic vacancies and categorizes them according to their limitations in one of the 14 classes: 10 physical, 3 visual and one mental. His judgement is fundamental for a fairer sport.

In this interview he tells about his GlobePerson journey, born in Argentina, having lived in Porto Alegre (Brazil), England, Germany and currently in Fortaleza (Brazil), his entry into the Paralympic movement and his absolute passion for it.

Guest: Conrado Giulietti

The voice of the Brazilian community in the US

Conrado Giulietti grew up surrounded by family members in the journalistic milieu in Santos, where his mother worked. He began by narrating the achievements of Santos Futebol Clube soon after winning the championship, went through Eldorado radio, followed a successful career on ESPN where he sought to be an expatriate to move to the US, something he was denied. But he didn’t give up on his dream.
He then abandoned his 10-year career at ESPN, where he was already editor-in-chief, and went, together with his wife, to pursue his dream. Nowadays, experienced as a father and because of the affection he receives from his audience, basically the Brazilian community in the US, he heard his happy, informative and full of positive energy voice echoing in Uncle Sam’s land.

Guest: Cassio Faccin

A successful entrepreneur comes up after the crisis

Cassio Faccin, from São Paulo, came to the United States to work at a multinational company where he was an executive in the logistics area. The crisis hit the company, and his role. He had the grit and the determination not to give up, decided to change his business area, and so he studied to be accredited as a real estate agent in a new market. He was then hit by yet another crisis.

Even shaken by these two major crises, he managed to make a comeback, and today he is one of the biggest real estate agents in Florida. Acting in different countries, he has helped clients from different locations to make the dream of owning a home in the United States come true. This history of resilience, grit, determination and, above all, courage for coming out stronger after crises inspires us to believe in the future and look for new directions, even though the reality in front of us seems difficult.

Guest: Henrique Saucedo

GlobePerson goes to Hollywood

The world would be definetivelly not as developed if it was not for people who dare to be different, push boundaries, choose their own path despite the opinion of others. The business concept “diversity” has been known for a long time in the arts world – people that are different, that do not fit in the standard frame, are usually adaptive, creative and smart to the extreme – they had to be, to “survive” in a world of standardisation.

In this interview we will get to know Henrique Saucedo, a 3D animator who currently works in Halon Entertainment, and have done also some works for Fortnite, Jumanji Dolittle and Spellbreak, among others.

As a young kid he always stood out from his classmates in arts and English. Seeing this as a sign, he pursued a prestigious art degree in a renowed university in the US. But life throws curve balls, and when he was close to graduating, he got suspended from college for being gay. Instead of giving up his beliefs he followed his heart, worked his way back to college and graduated in Computer Animation at Brigham Young University. Now, he is happily married, living the life of his dreams.

Guest: Roberto Colnaghi Jr

Engineering manager in Google tells his story

One can’t help but remembering the wise words of Steve Jobs “keep looking, don’t settle” when hearing Roberto’s Colnaghi story. He always dreamed to live abroad, and therefore applied for Canadian citizenship. After obtaining it, he moved with his family, selling all their belongings to build a new life abroad. The beginning was tough, he managed to get a job which barely covered their living costs, after a year moved back to Brazil, then back again to Canada, back to Brazil, had a startup, worked in Amazon, lived in Seattle, then moved to Santa Cruz in California, and now works in Google.
It is an amazing journey that he and his family have endured, going above and beyond their comfort zones, always up to the new challenges life has brought them.

Guest: Marina Winkler Alves

In the land of the rising sun

Marina was finishing high school and almost giving up to live abroad, as she always dreamed, when she heard about the scholarships offered by the Japanese government. She needed hard work to improve her skills in math, but passed the test and got to study fashion in one of the most prestigious fashion universities in Japan. Along the way plans changed and she now works as Java programmer. She speaks fluent Japanese, and their mates are impressed not with her impressive proficiency in Japanese, but that she speaks English, that “is so difficult” 🙂 It is a great interview, you can not miss it !

Guest: Débora Gonçalves

Relocation to Silicon Valley

Débora Gonçalves is a Senior Relocation Consultant who is specialised in movings to the San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley. Since 2011 she has assisted over 600 assisted employees, interns and candidates for jobs at all major tech companies (Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Twitter, Electronic Arts, Dropbox), Financial and Consulting Companies (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, KPMG, PwC, Ernest&Young, BlackRock), Car Companies (VW, Audi, Tesla), and other companies (Chevron, Philips, GE, GAP, EventBrite, Burberry, Sephora).

If you have a “fat” proposal from one of the IT giants, plan to continue your studies in the universities in the neighbourghood, or even if you are considering just to go there and take your chances, you should definetively hear her tips.

Guest: Luisa David

Working in Google and Whatsapp

One can definitively not say that Luisa is afraid to move out of her comfort zone. She always dreamed to live abroad, but her parents did not believe that she would stand being away and participating in an exchange program. She then made a deal that, as soon as she finished high school, they would pay her tuition in an university abroad.

She has been living in USA ever since, first in California, and now in Texas. Despite her your age, she graduated in San Diego University, worked 4 years in Google and now is Legal Analyst in Whatsapp in Austin. Hear the experience of this brave Brazilian woman that decided where to go, planned, and now is living the life of her dreams.

Guest: Carolina Garcia Chaves

High School for a tennis player

Carolina Chaves is a successful tennis player from Porto Alegre, Brasil who got the opportunity to improve her skills by joining Montverde Academy High School in Florida. She had been studying there for four years, being part of the school’s tennis team and having excellency in her academics She has proven to be a leader by being part if the National Honor Society and her school’s Arts and Athletics Committee, Headmaster’s Leadership Institute, and being the Head Prefect of her school. She has received several prizes including the Headmaster’s award, Most Valuable player and the Purple and Gold award, which is given to the varsity student-athlete that exemplifies the fundamental tenets of Montverde Academy.

With such an impressive CV she applied for several universities and got accepted in the majority of them, choosing Adelphi due to the location and the two scholarships she received, covering 85% of the tuition costs, not only for her tennis skills but mainly for her academic curriculum.

Guest: Camila de moro

Brazilian model for export

Camila de Moro is a beautiful Brazilian Beyond Borders woman who worked at Ford model, but gave up her life as a model to accompany her husband in his preparation in the United States to be an Olympic athlete, representing Brazil. After this challenge, it was then his turn to give up and join her to Milan in her work with fashion. Today the two live happily in Portugal with their daughters. Together, they faced challenges, crossed oceans and shared with us the greatness of their love.


A lot of courage in the luggage


A lot of courage in the luggage

The characteristic that most differentiates Latinos from Europeans is their passion for another human or animal, and particularly their passion for life and all that it has to offer. While the Swedes have a word that defines them well, ‘lagom’, which means ‘enough’, Latins love it or hate it, the drink has to be hot or cold, but never tepid, the tone of voice varies according to the intensity of feeling. Today’s seminar tells the story of 3 passionate about life, who accept the safety of their homes to venture into new horizons. As Martha Medeiros says, “…there comes a time when the invitation to arrive deserves to be heeded. The worst that can happen is everything wrong goes wrong. Worst in terms. Going wrong isn’t so bad before you’ve never tried.”


Healthy mind in a healthy body


Healthy mind in a healthy body

This Roman proverb is intended to draw attention to the union between body and mind. In order to have a healthy mind and a healthy body, we must exercise, rest, have good nutrition, physical and oral hygiene, among many other things that we must do daily. In this event, Andrea addresses the psychological side of moving to a new location, followed by Isadora, talking about adapting nutritional habits to differences in climate and culture, followed by Eduardo, from Perfect Run, who gives tips on how to start a running routine. it helps relieve stress and can be done in virtually any location.

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