Companies (executives, Travel Agency, insurance, etc)

Added value for companies who handle international travellers

No one likes to be sick, specially when away from home, but when medical services are needed, GlobePerson reports supplementing health insurance can make a big difference in reducing diagnosis and recovery time. This is why several executives traveling internationally have our reports, they usually have a full schedule, and canceling overseas meetings can mean missing out on major opportunities.

Complementing the travel insurance with a medical history gives the traveler a feeling of tranquility, and the responsible company feels secure that, in a possible incident, the traveler will be able to receive more agile and accurate care, speeding up his recovery.

Why choose us?

Com sede na Suécia, a HEdVC AB é a health tech por trás de todas as soluções GlobePerson. Possuímos correspondentes em vários países e certificações internacionais de qualiade.

Multilanguage solution

We are the first company in the world to provide a solution where doctor and patient can read and update data in different languages, and where the doctor can provide prescriptions in the patient's language.

International team

Our solutions are used by doctors of different nationalities and we prioritize translators with knowledge of the health universe.

Offline use

Our Globe Patient tool works even without internet available.

Innovation Hubs

HEdVC is a member company of Health Tech Nordic and Health Tech Hub Copenhagen:

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